Now that we found love

Updated: Mar 3

"Love" is one of the most universal words in the world. We use it all the time. We all somehow know what it means even if it is hard to find an overall definition. It does not mean the same to everybody. In it's core it is about longing, connecting and opening our hearts to somebody.

But as much as we all want to have it in our lifes it proves that receiving and dealing with the depth of such a human connection is not always as easy at is might sound. We need to open up about our vulnerabilities, be courageous to give our hearts away and to trust in the other person holding it.

And wherever there is a lot to gain, there is always a lot too loose as well. The more you bond with somebody the more emotional and beautiful memories you will form. But if a relationship ends the pain you are left behind with directly correlates with the amount of love you "invested". There more you give and receive, the more you can loose. That's part of the game.

Even if that might sound scary to you at first, please try to see the beauty in it. Remember, no risk no fun.

This blog post is not a calling for you to not take this risk and to make things "save". It is much more a calling for your braveness to deal with the feelings of insecurity, fear and uncertainty in order to once look back on your life and be able to say "I am a woman in love and I have always been."

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