One word says it all

There are many words we randomly use on a daily basis and within them there are some which are more meaningful to us than others. They have a deeper and also personal sound to them.

Our own history, the surroundings we grew up in and our peer groups formed our language. Language let's us express who we are, what we expect from ourselves and others and helps us get in touch with the world.

A word that in my opinion is rather underevaluated and which I want to cherish with this blog post is: "explore".

It not only describes our innate desire to learn discover our surrounding, new things and connect with people. To me there is a second, very rooted meaning to it: getting in touch with yourself.

"To explore" covers it all: the outside as well as the inside. It has the power to express a deep desire and sometimes lost potential within us: connecting with our soul and body. Being interested in our thoughts and feelings. Liste to our inner voice without judging whatever you hear.

It stands for the "Beginner's Mind". For the courage and pleasure to question old beliefs, ways of doing things and how we were raised.

Staying curious and being open minded in such a way that we do not judge but watch and listen. Being interested in whatever speaks up if we listen.

People who enjoy to explore are people who are in love with others, life in general and all it has to offer. They tend to be less anxious as being open to new ideas and daring to question conventional ways of living.

When was the last time you took some time to deeply explore your inside-out?

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