Why is starting so damn hard?

Updated: Jan 5

I love writing and I have a lot to say. As a clinical psychologist that are only veeery few topics I have not dealt with in therapy sessions during the last 15 years.

So why is starting a blog such a big thing? Why is exposing myself suddenly giving me these feelings of insecurity? Will anybody be interested in what I have to share? How personal can I get as a psychotherapist who was always instructed to keep own emotions and issues away? What value can I bring to you and how does this whole blog thing work anyway?

The good news are: there is nothing wrong with me. I neither have to doubt my abilities nor my mental state just because I have these feelings and doubts right now. Whenever we start something new there is this little voice inside of us questioning if doing something off script is really a good idea. Which wants you to stick to the known path, the promised land of safety and comfort.

But this zone of comfort comes with a price tag: living in autopilot. And that is never on sale. You always pay the full price for it: boredom, anxiety, insecurities and a life you might once look back on and doubt if there could have been more to it.

Let's not let that happen to you. You are amazing! Here to experience life to the fullest and make an impact on other people's lives as well. There is more to this longlife holiday we have together on earth. There is this beautiful saying, which is one of the most beautiful and encouraging to me:

If it scares and excites you at the same time, you should do it!

It has helped me hundreds of times and the best about it: it was always right! If something scares you it means that it is something you haven't experienced before or it is simply not an everyday routine and that worries you. But if it excites you at the same time you can be totally confident about this bringing up all your energy, excitement and power to make things happen. Excitement is the ace in the game. It can't be beaten by any other card!

So lean back, take 5 minutes to simply brainstorm whatever comes to your mind if you put the headline "EXCITEMENT" in front of you. Which thoughts, ideas and pictures spontaneously pop up? Do not judge! Write down anything that shows and do not think it over. Let it flow. Let everything be written down.

And now grab a red pen, scan all those words and circle one which resonates with you on an emotional level. Which pops out immediately. Do it in such a quick way that your judging mind cannot keep up with your speed.

What is it? What idea or adventure should you go for in 2022? I can't wait to hear it from you! Let's see what we can make happen this year. Leave it in the comments and commit to follow your dreams and passions. They are too valuable to be looked away in your dungeon of anxiety!

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